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Quick reference about PHP date & time format strings

Here i provide a quick reference about the date and time format strings can be used in PHP. Just understand the meaning of each format characters and arrange it as you need it for your expected output.

About creating alias for MySQL tables

Recently i had to face a situation when i was moved the project files in to the live server. The development was actually done in a windows based machine. So i did not face any case difference issues in the table names during the development. But when i was pushed it into the Linux server, i started facing the issues.

About using multiple Jquery libraries together

You might have faced many situations to have different jquery versions together. You can have it by assigning different versions on to different variables using noConflict() function. Here comes with an example where you can find the way to deal with that.

Identify the browser in JavaScript

Recently i had to workaround on some browser specific functionalities in JavaScript. I spent some time on Google and understand that it doesn’t have any built-in functions to use it straight away but we can make it with the help of a user agent detecting function – navigator.userAgent.

Output buffering with PHP

PHP output buffering functions allow developers to neatly mix headers and content, compress the output, and send it to the browser in a controlled manner (in the right order), doing away with the common error messages like “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent”.

Handling Codeigniter in CLI and Cron Jobs

Here i am writing about how to execute codeigniter applications from commandline or cron jobs. Its not complicated as you think. Its clearly mentioned in its documentation but we all are not aware of it. By referring the following example you can implement it.

Delete duplicate rows from a MySQL table

I would like to share a piece of SQL which i had to work on today. Which will be very useful when you want to delete the duplicate records in a single query. This query has two sections, one is to delete the rows which are not matching with the records what sub query returns, second is to select the unique records which are not to be deleted.

Network Programming using PHP

Very few of us are aware of the network programming capability of PHP. Socket programming was and is still considered the stronghold of other languages such as C, C++ or even Java. PHP Streams house the Socket and Network programming functions of PHP that enable access to both TCP as well as UDP sockets, making it possible to use Streams client and server side coding.

An unproductive day: Check client emails before start your day

Today morning i went to office very early to deploy the completed tasks yesterday. I reached into the office by 8.00 AM. I was in a hurry to deploy it. Then directly got in to the work. As the task was directly pushed on to the development branch, i had to create the branches and had to move those tasks into it.

Import Gmail contacts using oauth connect in PHP

In one of my recent project i had to integrate the functionality to import the contacts from GMail accounts. As the project is having referal point system, getting email contacts are having very much importance. With the help of a PHP library provided by Google, we can easly impliment this. I would like to share the piece of code i used to get the address book through the Google open authorization protocol connect(OAuth) API.

Enable SSL v3 and TLS v1 in Apache server

Security is the most important concern in the web. Many organizations are working behind to improve it. HTTPS is one of the most seen and widely used secured file transfer protocol in the web. It is having different versions, categorized based on the level of encryption. SSL v3 and TLS v1 are the latest encryption methods available to use with HTTPS.

Detect browser language from PHP

When we have to work on a multi language website, it will be very much helpful if we can deliver the right content to the user. Usually we give some language options to choose by manually. But it would be great if we could detect the language set in browser and deliver the right contents without any user action. Auto detecting language is the right solution in most of the cases. We can get it done with the help of a PHP server variable HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE.

Read MP3 metadata (ID3 tags) using PHP

Recently i had to work on a music related application. In that i had to extract the information TAGs like song, artists, year and genre from the MP3 files. After researching i found a way to read those metadatas. Following example will help you to fetch those details.

What is new in PHP 5.5.0

The latest version of PHP, PHP 5.5.0, is out with lots of new features, fixes and functional enhancements. Most of the changes will not make much disturbance on existing application, but still you will have to do a through testing when you migrate to PHP 5.5.0 version. Here are 10 such notable improvements that may prove quite useful for web developers.

About catching fatal errors in PHP

We have seen many times that the fatal errors are ending up in white screen without leaving any clues, which are hard to trace what exactly broken. But in PHP 5.2.0 they have introduced error_get_last() function which is useful to track kind of errors. This function will output an array with the “type”, “message”, “file” and “line” keys, which will be containing the last error information.